We are Gladd Solutions

We provide corrosion surveys in the marine and other markets where corrosion and erosion on large surfaces is critical to operations, safety and the environment. We are committed to our customer's success. We take pride in providing the best quality and meeting schedules regardless of cost. We are dedicated to integrity in an industry where short cuts are the norm.

Hull Plating Side Scan

This is an example of the scanners we use to scan the sides of the hull.

We Are Gladd Solutions

With our detailed scans, we can make sure you avoid any unecessary costs, and solve any corrosion areas.

Our Mission

Gladd Solutions is committed to following biblical principles as it pursues the reputation as the "go to company" in our targeted markets.

Say hello to the team

Charles Gladd


  • - Bachelor of Science Degree Industrial Engineering
  • - American Society for Nondestructive Engineering ASNT level III UT
  • - NACE S-CAT Certified
  • - ABYC Marine Corrosion Certified

Thomas Martin, P.E.

Company Level III

  • - Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania
  • - Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • - Master’s Degree in Engineering Science
  • - American Society for Nondestructive Testing ASNT level III UT, ET
  • - 40 years experience in Nondestructive Testing of which 35 years were as a NDT Level III